Dionne Dowdy, Director Of United Returning Citizens Of Youngstown, explains the Youth Summer Employment Program operated by URC. The program is designed to give inner-city youth job skills, as well as business management and entrepreneurial experience and insight, as well as soft skills and how to relate better to others.

Malachai, one of the participants talks about his experience and what he has learned from the program, as well as how he has benefited from participating. Thomas Smith of JW Lawn Care speaks on mentorship and the growth in business management skills that the youth who take part in the program gain.

For information about the Youth Summer Employment Program, message URC at urcyoungstown.org/contact

As always your donations at urcyoungstown.org/donate and the purchases at the URC online gift shop — urcyoungstown.org/gift-shop help make possible the programs that benefit the youth, keep them out of trouble, and equip them with knowledge of business management, and over all responsibility.

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