Have you benefited from our services? If we at United Returning Citizens have helped you in any way — even if it’s just being inspired by the work we do, or the progress that others have made with our programs — we’d like to hear from you. You can do the video on your phone, or if you have cameras or other equipment for making videos that’s fine too. We’ll use your video that you make, OR you can come into our office at 507 Oak Hill Avenue; Youngstown, Ohio and one of us can record you. Don’t worry about the video being top quality or edited Hollywood style, our team will take care of the fine tuning.

We need to hear your story, and the world needs to hear your story as we set out to give Returning Citizens the help that they need. The attention to your testimony inspires others to take the steps to avoid recidivism, and also allows others to see the work and impact that URC is doing and making, respectively, and compels people to donate time, money, or resources.

Let us hear your story. To be featured, contact us to set up an appointment or to get instructions on how to submit your video.