Two men were wrongfully imprisoned for 42 years in Florida before being released earlier this year.

In 1976 Clifford Williams Jr. and Hubert Nathan Myers, both 34 and 18 years old, respectively, were sent to prison for murder and attempted murder. Despite having multiple alibis, along with the testimony of the state’s witnesses being contradictory to the forensic facts of the case, they were convicted in just two days.

While maintaining their innocence over the next 42 years in prison, they filed many motions for postconviction relief, which all were denied. They began to petition the Conviction Integrity Review unit, which was a newfly formed entity created by the state attorney in 2017.

While reviewing this case, it became clear that the prosecution was not handled as it should have, and very questionable evidence was given credence. As a result, the conviction was tossed out.

Williams’ and Myers’ case was the first cased reviewed by the Conviction Integrity Unit to be overturned.

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