About Us

United Returning Citizens Of Youngstown (URC) is a start-up, non-profit corporation that serves the Youngstown, Ohio Tri-County area (Mahoning, Trumbull, Mercer). URC was originally founded for formerly incarcerated citizens, but upon offering our services to this large demographic we found that an even larger demographic needed the services that we offer, thus, extending our services not just to the formerly incarcerated, but to the entire community which has been affected by mass incarceration.

We provide job search and skill training, life and financial literacy skills and transitional and stable housing primarily for citizens coming back to society after being incarcerated. Our approach is to work dilligently and closely with felon-friendly employers and companies to provide opportunities without stigmatization or discrimination towards job seekers who are from a traditionally marginalized demographic.

Economic and financial hardships are one of the top reasons for re-offending, and as such is a heavy contributor to recidivsim. Gainful and stable employment is essential not only to sustaining and supporting oneself and family, but is also a requirement of parole and probation.

While URC is geared towards helping formerly incarcerated individuals find employment, and to connect employers with eager and qualified job candidates; the larger mission is to be a resource to anyone who is utilizing all resources to find work and for employers to find qualified talent from a rewarding demographic — returning citizens.