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United Returning Citizens Website Privacy Policy

Small bits of information about our website visitors is collected and analyzed by us through the use of Google Analytics. This data does not personally identify you. There is no way that our site will put your personal name, locations, or any other personal data with anytool or process that will match that data with you specifically. We look at, infer, and otherwise collect information about age range, location (as far as country, region, state, and city), language, gender, and affinity categories (things you also like or interact with on the web). We also collect data as to how users (again, never personally identified) interect with and engage with our website.

This data is used for a number of reasons. One is to keep the website in working order, and to ensure that it is indeed intelligently and logically designed so that vistors will have an optimal experience and flow with our website. there are times when user data is needed to make these assessments and iterations.

Another way we use the data collected is to ensure that we are reaching our intended demographic, as our social services that we provide are vital, and often are not as widely known as they are intended to be. We can identify areas where we can improve upon our reach, as well as verify that efforts are indeed effective. Other observations can be made with this data as well, such as the need for an additional service our aspect of our existing services.

To put it shortly, we can't determine exactly who you are when you visit out website with the type of information that we track and monitor (even if you were to send us a message with your name. It isn't attached to any site data). We use the data to make sure we are reaching the people that we intend - the people who need to know that we are in existence.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at privacy@urcyoungstown.org