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When Pusha T dropped “Coming Home” (video linked below), it was more than just collaboration with Ms. Lauyrn Hill, he dropped a whole new ballgame on the three-strikes-you’re-out sentencing guidelines holding so many black men in prison.

In 2016 Pusha T backed Prop 64 with this reality: “Marijuana arrest are the engine that’s driving the war on drugs. It’s one of the [top] reasons people trying to reenter the community are sent back to prison.”

And we know the three-strikes-you’re-out law for minor possession is ridiculous. Too many black men trying to reenter their community get caught up in this law. It’s a law in a system designed to keep them caught up in it. And it’s tearing families and communities apart.

Demico Booth’s life got caught up in that system, but he got free. Now he writes books about the black prison experience, here’s his take:

“…politicians, even some black ones are silent on the problem of mass black incarceration. But if you go to the mostly black areas in any of those same silent politicians’ districts and ask the mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends about the whereabouts of the men in their lives you will find that too many of them will say that they’re either in prison or jail..”

That’s the world we live in, and Pusha T is fighting back. Together with Brittany K. Barnette and MiAngle Cody, two lawyers committed to the fight, the three-strikes-you’re-out system is getting much needed pushback.

When you listen to Coming Home, you get the message. You see they gave us crack then started waging a war … it’s pushing black people past their due date… when love is real you can do anything. (lyrics from Coming Home)

Pusha T, Ms. Lauyrn Hill and crew are fighting back hard for every black man who is caught up unfairly in this system. It’s beyond time for change. It’s time to keep families together rather than rip them apart in an unfair system for ridiculous reasons.

Listen to Pusha T and Ms. Lauryn Hill’s “Coming Home”

Special Contributor: Dan Bousho