Are you seeking help as a Returning Citizen? We can help with the following:

URC is an organization that provides job search and training, life skills, financial literacy skills and transitional housing for citizens reentering society from correctional facilities.

Like many local organizations, URC assists with employment, with the major difference being the depth of our employment program. While a bit unconventional URC’s approach is to provide all the services that we offer holistically. As a part of our holistic approach, URC offers employment services with a core focus on developing the soft skills needed to transition back into the workforce. We assist with resume creation, job search and training, application completion, mock interviews, interview attire, H.R. attainment i.e. birth certificates, State ID’s, & social security cards), transportation solutions, and lastly, we assist with promotions and advancement once employment has been secured.

The empowerment programs are a seven-step program to develop self-sufficient clients. In addition to job search and training and financial literacy skills.
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When considering housing, the largest group affected by homelessness are ex-felons. Estimates regarding the number of people likely to be excluded from federally-subsidized housing due to an arrest or criminal record are staggering. People who are released from incarceration face a monumental challenge in finding affordable housing. Most are competing for housing with the 37 million other Americans who live at or below the federal poverty level.

We help to overcome the obstacles to securing housing for reentering individuals such as high move in costs as well as the hesitancy of landlords to rent to individuals with criminal records.
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