URC Jobs will connect people looking for work directly with employers.

Our online tools for returning citizens grows even further as we launch URC Jobs — an online job board and career platform that will help job seekers find jobs by searching through their respective fields and professions, or search a specific company to see wha opportunities are available. Companies and those looking for people to fill positions and jobs can also browser candidates and look at their resume, ultimately contacting them for an opportunity if they so choose.

All job postings will be from felon-friendly employers as well, making URC Jobs a great resource to people just out of prison, and who are looking to get to work right away. The platform can also be a key tool for individuals and agencencies that work with, and or assist, people released from prison. The system will be able to quickly present them with job opportunities that they’re qualified for and that are open to hiring people with criminal records.

For employers who have a hiring policy that does not exclude felons can benefit from a pool of talent and workforce that has often been further prepped on workforce etiquette, social and soft skills, as well as more intensely trained in a particular skill. There is often also tax-benefits and other incentives that are associated with hiring people with criminal pasts.

Visit URC Jobs, and register as a job seeker or as a company looking to hire.