Toni Carter - Intake Coordinator at URC in Youngstown

Toni Carter's Empowerment Vision

Toni Carter, Intake Coordinator at URC, speaks about her vision for empowerment for young women. Her path is based on based on self-respect and self-esteem.

Arthur Clinkscale - Youngstown, Ohio.

Arthur Clinkscale Testimonial - How URC Helps In The Struggle to Rebuild After Incarceration

Arthur Clinkscale, who is a client of United Returning Citizens, speaks about his journey forward with rebuilding his life after coming home from federal prison.

"[URC] is a good place for you when you come home, and you need some kind of guidance and direction." -Arthur Clinkscale

An African American male behind prison bars looking dejected

Importance Of Housing In Reducing Recidivism

Shalise White -- URC Director Of Housing; a HUD EnVision Center representative -- speaks about the importance of suitable, secure, and decent housing for individuals returning home from prison. Finding housing is often a struggle after prison, but it's the foundation for all efforts of preventing recidivism.